About Me

About Me

When I was young, my sister and I lived in Pasadena next door to three French girls. They were like sisters to us, and it was our friendship with them that gave me the idea of writing about the Cota Club. Later, their family moved to La Jolla, and our family moved to Manhattan Beach, where I lived the contradictory life of nerd and surfer chick.

Like most writers, my background has been motley. I spent my “formative years” being educated at Harvard, but in my 20s, I ditched the work world to pursue a PhD in English and American Lit at UC Santa Barbara, where I combined reading/writing/thinking great thoughts with a whole lot of biking and playing with the man I love.

My taste in literature runs the gamut from Shakespeare, Poe, and Austen, to Elizabeth Lowell, Toni Morrison, and Jo Nesbo. Though I often read dark and tormented stories that plumb the inner demons of tortured souls, I prefer to write lighter books that my readers can have fun with.

The Cota Club books are set in Santa Barbara, so I can spend more time imagining a place I dearly love, and just as I spent my time there in my youth figuring out my own destiny, each of the five girlfriends in the Cota Club must figure out who they are and who they love. Probably to the detriment of my bank account, I’ve chosen to write each of their stories in the genre most suitable for each character. That’s why Kristi’s story in Love and Money is a mystery, whereas Carla’s story in The Offering is romantic suspense. Tate’s story will also be romantic suspense. I don’t know yet about Izzy’s, but Gwen’s will turn to the world of the supernatural.

I produce my books through my small press, Frieden Press. For more of what I’ve written, please see Publications.

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